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Capital Hotel 1000


Iwate Prefecture Rikuzentakata shi Takada-machi character long sand 60-1

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Ichinoseki Station - 1.5 hours by car / Morioka from R346 to R45 2.5 hours / JR Takada Kokomae Station (BRT Bus) Get off by foot
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"Grand Sumo wrestling summer cruise revival · rice soakkasa location in Heisei 30" held on August 15, 1940

  • "Grand Sumo wrestling summer cruise revival · Rikuzasakata location" tickets on sale on August 15, 1930!

    Held on August 15 (Wednesday), the ticket sale of 'Grand Sumo wrestling summer cruise revival · Rikuzasakata location' held in Heisei!

    ◆A meeting, Place
     Rikuzentakata City Integrated Exchange Center "Dream Arena Takata"
     (Iwate Prefecture Rikuzentakata shi Takada Town character Ota 5)
    ◆event date
     August 15, Heisei 30(water)
     Opening: 8 AM, To be completed: 3 pm
    ◆Ticket selling place (on sale from 5/26 (Saturday))
     ○Abasse TAKATA Information
     ○Myaya Takada branch, Ofunato branch, Each service counter of Ofunato Inter store
     Rebirth · Grand Sumo Wrestlocca Place

July 21, Heisei "Sake trip journey bus tour 1 night 2 days in Capital Hotel 1000"

  • "Drinking Journey Bus Tour 1 Night 2 Days in Capital Hotel 1000" Information

    "Sake trip journey bus tour 1 night 2 days in Capital Hotel 1000"

    Ichinoseki's travel company "Maruku" It is a notice of popular bus tour and collaboration planning!
    It is a tour packaged with "Kirin Brewery Festival" held on July 21 (Saturday) at our hotel on a popular tour "Sake drink trip" (Sake no tame).
    We are currently recruiting highly acclaimed participants!

    6 Kirin Brewery All-you-can-drink and meals are offered in a buffet style.
    Of course, we will have a good night's sleep at our hotel.
    Do not miss this opportunity as you can drink rare beer that is not on the market.

    ※Please see MARUKU like HP for details.

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