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Rikuzentakata access information

Access information to our hotel / Information for sightseeing

You can check the access information connecting Rikuzentakata Capital Hotel 1000 and the main area, and how to access using public transportation.

●Travel time from our hotel(car)

 ・Sendai city
  ① Via Sanriku Expressway... About 120 minutes ② Via Tohoku Expressway ... About 135 minutes

 ・Morioka city
  ① Via Kamaishi Expressway... About 85 minutes ② Via Tohoku Expressway ... About 120 minutes

 ・Ichinoseki City in
   ① Via Prefectural Road 19 and National Route 343... About 70 minutes ② Via Route 284 ... About 70 minutes

 ・Kesennuma City in/Ofunato
    Via Sanriku Expressway... About 20 minutes

Google Maps(Map information)

Google Map

Hotel Name

Capital Hotel 1000


60-1 Nagasuka, Takata Town, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture

Telephone number



【Rikuzentakata Capital Hotel 1000 Details】

●Nearest station
 JR Ofunato Line"Rikuzentakata Station" or"Takada Kokomae Station"
※We accept transfers.Please make a request to the hotel in advance.

●Nearest convenience store
 "Seven-Eleven Rikuzentakata Takatakokomae store"(3-minute walk)

 Free parking available (outdoor parking) 40 regular cars + 4 large cars

 EV car charging stand available

 40 rooms, all twin rooms(1 to 2 people per room)

●The restaurant"Azalea"
 ·Lunch 11:30 to 14:30(LO14: 00)

●Large communal bath from 17:00 to 23:00
※Currently, business hours are limited due to soaring fuel prices.

Directions to Rikuzentakata Capital Hotel 1000

Click here for how to access Rikuzentakata Capital Hotel 1000
  • <How to get to Rikuzentakata>When arriving by private car / rental car

    ●Approximately 70 minutes from JR Ichinoseki Station (East entrance)

      Via National Route 343 lines - Prefectural Road 19 line
      Google Maps(Navi): https://goo.gl/maps/Fq9pSTb3XF32

    ●About 110 minutes from JR Morioka Station

      Morioka west bypass - National Highway 46 Highway - the Tohoku Expressway
      - Kamaishi Expressway - High Speed Miyamori IC - National Route 107
      Google Maps(Navi) : https://goo.gl/maps/EvNMHR4vnrm

    ●About 2 hours 30 minutes from JR Sendai Station

      Sanriku Expressway(Free section) Via National Route 45
      Google Maps(Navi) : https://goo.gl/maps/Cks1P49qk562


    ★Click on the image to access "Iwate Prefecture Recommended Drive Information".
  • <How to get to Rikuzentakata>If you come by public transportation

    ●Customers using the Shinkansen

     Tohoku Shinkansen JR Ichinoseki Station get off

     Ofunato line from JR Ichinoseki Station"Kesennuma Line" ride

     JR Kesennuma Ofunato line BRT (bus) from the station, "Sakari Station line" ride

     JR “Takada Kokomae Station” or JR"Rikuzentakata Station"
     (Click the image to access the BRT timetable)

    ●Customers using the airport

    ① Hanamaki Airport(Iwate Hanamaki Airport)

     Take a taxi to JR"Shin Hanamaki Station"

     Tohoku Shinkansen JR"Shin-Hanamaki Station" → JR"Ichinoseki Station"

     JR access from JR Ichinoseki Station, see above.

    ② Sendai Airport

     Sendai Airport Access Line(To Sendai)

     JR"Sendai Station"

     Tohoku Shinkansen JR Sendai Station → JR"Ichinoseki Station"

     JR access from JR Ichinoseki Station, see above.


    ※By prior reservation, we will pick you up from the nearest station ⇔ hotel.
     Please do not hesitate to contact us.
      (Be sure to apply by the day before)


    You can also use the express bus bound for Ofunato near Sendai Station.
    For details, please check the Miyagi Kotsu website.
    ▶ http://www.miyakou.co.jp/cms/express/desc/42/
  • See nearby tourist information

    Rikuzentakata area,
    You can see tourist information of "Kesen area" such as Ofunato, Kesennuma (Miyagi prefecture), Sumita, etc.

    We introduce sightseeing spots within 60 minutes by car from the hotel.
    Click on the image to go to the "Tourist Information" page.