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Grand Sumo Tournament, Reconstruction · Grand Sumo Tournament Town Place

Grand Sumo Tournament, Notice of "Reconstruction / Grand Sumo Rikuzasakatta Location"

◆Venue: Rikuzentakata City Integrated Center "Dream Arena Takata"
 (Iwate Prefecture Rikuzentakata shi Takada Town character Ota 5)

◆event date: August 15, Heisei 30(water)Opening: 8 AM, To be completed: 3 pm

◆Seats·Information on ticket prices, ※Please see below

◆Ticket selling place (on sale from 5/26 (Saturday))
 ○Abasse TAKATA Information
 ○Myaya Takada branch, Ofunato branch, Each service counter of Ofunato Inter store

◆Contact: Rebirth · Grand Sumo Rikuzentakata Place Rikuzentakata Lions Club Executive Committee
 TEL: 0192-54-5505, FAX: 0192-54-5504