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●Let's go to Capital! Banquet plan from the New Year's party until the end of February

●Saturday February 23 (Saturday) "Information on the Taste Bus Tour of Kenshin Winter"

  • ●Saturday February 23 (Saturday) "Information on the Taste Bus Tour of Kenshin Winter"

    "Enjoy the two-day bus tour and oyster fisherman experience to taste the taste of Winter's Kesen! "We are looking for participants.

    ◆Travel date: February 23, 2019(soil)~ February 24 (Day)
    ◆Travel fee, One person, 15,800 yen(tax included), ※2 people / room use
     ※, 1 person in case of 1 person using 1 person, extra, 1,700 yen (tax included)
    ◆Recruitment personnel, 20 people (Minimum minimum number of people: 12)
    ◆Meal condition, Dinner once·2 breakfast·Lunch 1 time
    ◆I will accompany a tour operator.
    ◆Deadline, until February 10, 2019 (Sunday)
    ◆Truck bus, (stock)Maruku
    ◆set, Ichinoseki Station before the West Exit 10 at 00 minutes onset/End, Ichinoseki Station west entrance dissolved, Around 15

    【Travel planning·Implementation·Application】(One company)Ichinoseki City Tourist Association
    ※Please fill out application form by telephone, e-mail or website.

    ☎ & FAX, 0191-23-0066 (9: 00-17: 30)

    E-mail ichikan@indigo.plala.or.jp