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Rikuzentakata Tourist Information


Rikuzentakata sightseeing list(Slide sideways)

The Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami Tradition Hall(Iwate TSUNAMI Memorial)

  • OPEN in September 2019! Rikuzentakata is Rikuzentakata the hottest tourist spot

    <About 5 minutes by car from the hotel>

    The Great East Japan Earthquake is a disaster prevention museum that conveys the tsunami damage caused by the The Great East Japan Earthquake to future generations.
    You can see materials such as images and photos at the time of the tsunami, and exhibits that were actually damaged by the tsunami at various locations along the coast of Iwate Prefecture.
    This facility is located in the Takata-matsubara Tsunami Memorial Park, adjacent to "Roadside Station Takata-matsubara."

Kiseki-no-Ippommatsu Survived pine tree after the big earthquake

Kangenin(Kantoin and Yukenson)

  • Kesen Carpenter and Sculptor Excellent craftsmanship created by two master craftsmen

    <About 20 minutes by car from the hotel>

    The high priest, Yuken Houin, has been practicing for 21 days to cut off five grains and pray for the disease that has spread in Rikuzentakata It is said that it was erected and enshrined the Yoken Kenho stamp.
    The current temple was built in 1890 by a local Kesen carpenter centering on Kosaku Furusawa's ridge in Suezaki, and Takayama Senzo in Yamagata Prefecture who was in charge of sculpture, and became a tangible cultural property designated by Rikuzentakata City I am.

Kurosakisenkyo(Kurosaki Senkyo)