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Catered lunch

  • We also accept delivery.Please feel free to contact us.

  • Spring celebration lunch ¥ 3,980(tax included)

    A gorgeous spring festive bento that uses plenty of spring seasonal ingredients.

    〈Menu example〉
    ·Assortment of 4 sashimi ·Assorted tempura ·Grilled salmon with Colbert 
    ·Teriyaki chicken ·Pork Picata ·roast beef ·Boiled bamboo shoots in Tosa 
    ·Seasonal fruit ·Chirashizushi rice 
  • Spring hospitality lunch ¥ 2,980(tax included)

    For a little celebration at home or as a souvenir for friends coming from afar!

    〈Menu example〉
    ·Assortment of 3 sashimi ·Assorted tempura ·Boiled bamboo shoots in Tosa ·Grilled fish 
    ·Omelet ·Pork Picata ·Grilled yuba bean paste ·Pickled Vegetables ·Seasonal fruit ·Rice
  • One spring gorgeous lunch ¥ 1,980(tax included)

    Capital hotel classic"Spring gorgeous lunch"

    〈Menu example〉
    ·Assortment of 3 sashimi ·Mini hamburger  ·Grilled fish ·Omelet
    ·Fried chicken ·Salad ·Pickled Vegetables ·Boiled chicken sleet ·Rice etc.