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Beer Fair 2022

  • Event date:July 1st / 2nd / 8th / 9th / 29th / 30th
          August 5th / 6th / 12th / 13th / 26th

    2 hours all-you-can-drink & hors d'oeuvre plate & half buffet included
    ※Drinks other than beer are also available.

    〈Charge〉 2 hours from toast ※Advance reservation required
    Adult ¥ 5,500(All-you-can-drink alcohol)
       ¥ 4,000(All-you-can-drink soft drinks)
    Children ¥ 2,000 (Elementary school students to 4 years old and over)

    【How to reserve】
    Day trip by phone
    Accommodation plan Call or from the official website
    ★Various accommodation discount systems available★
  • Pack plan to stay after drinking

    ★Let's stay after drinking pack★

    A set plan of "Capital Beer Fair 2022" and "One night with breakfast"
    You can use it with a maximum of "9000 yen discount" & "4000 yen coupon included".

    Various discount systems will be announced as soon as the details are decided.