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Overnight Stay Plan

【Measures to prevent and prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection】

In order to prevent the spread and spread of new coronaviruses, the hotel takes the following measures in consideration of the health and safety of customers and employees.

<Initiatives at this facility>
·We have installed an antiseptic solution to encourage hand disinfection.
・ We disinfect areas that are touched by humans at any time to strengthen disinfection and cleaning in this facility.
·We constantly ventilate and clean the room, and when there are many users in restaurants and banquet halls, we open the doors to ventilate them.In addition, the rooms are ventilated during cleaning.
·Breakfast is served by the buffet, but we ask that each person wear vinyl gloves and then serve the dishes.At the same time, we will guide you through the space between the seats.

<Initiatives for employees>
·Before starting work, all employees are temperature-checked, and those who have a fever or poor physical condition should refrain from coming to work.
·We thoroughly wash hands, gargle and disinfect hands.
·I also wear a mask when I serve customers.
·I refrain from going out when there is no need to go out, attending meetings and events where an unspecified large number of people gather, and instructing them to avoid 3 crowded spaces.

<Request to customers>
·We ask for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands with alcohol when visiting the museum.
·We always ask you to wear a mask.
·When checking in, please cooperate with the temperature measurement.

Accommodation plan lineup

★Currently, to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we are taking a break from the "large communal bath" business for the time being.Please use the bathroom in the guest room.
★Due to similar measures, "Breakfast" is provided as a set menu (individual set).The normal buffet menu will be closed for the time being.Please understand.