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Overnight Stay Plan

Enjoy the taste of Sanriku!

It seems like we heal the tiredness of long trip in our hotel
Also, please enjoy the taste of local Rikuzentakata · seafood of Sanriku
We have a plan with meals in our accommodation plan.

When considering staying at the hotel,
Please consider the plan with dinner of Capital Hotel 1000 aiming for "food inn"!

Our Recommended plan Lineup

  • 【I will taste the season of Sanriku! /2 Meals Included 】 Shark fin·Spanish mackerel·conger eel·Local fish·Seasonal seafood Premium Kaiseki course Hospitality course

    <One night plus two days plan>

    Mainly boiled shark's fin.Sanriku seafood, Fortune of Iwate Sato,
    The confident work of the chief chef which included the local ingredients abundantly.Creative Japanese Cuisine course.
    Suisen dishes are also exceContinue reading
  • 【Sea and mountain feast Double hospitality / Half board 】 Beef shabu shop / seafood bake / mountain sea satisfaction plan that can be tasted with a double stove

    <One night plus two days plan>

    It is a luxury plan that you can enjoy mountain seafood you can taste because mountains (ri) and the sea are full of highlights of Iwate.
    Main preparing ① seafood and ② beef shabu shabu.
    We prepare two cooking stoContinue reading
  • 【 2 Meals Included/Hotel hospitality creative dishes 】 Local fish in Seasonal food in Sanriku region·eel·Ishikawa shellfish·Seasonal delicious packed course

    <One night plus two days plan>

    Rikuzentakata the entrance of Sanriku is delicious seafood, village fortune, mountainee is really rich!
    It is a gift that fishery and farmers are working day and night for local reconstruction!
    Beginning with eachContinue reading
  • 【Local gourmet plan/2 Meals Included 】 Taste the whole Rikuzentakata! We prepare "Hotawaka Set Scallop and Seaweed" very popular for dinner!

    <One night plus two days plan>

    Iwate prefecture's first "hometown local gourmet" was certified
    Please enjoy "Rikuzentakata Scallop and Broiled Wakame Shabu Shabu-Go Gozen".
    Dinner served for dinner · Breakfast inclusive plan.